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The Importance of a High Quality Potting Mix

It’s not uncommon to see people spending hundreds of dollars on topiary, only to skimp on quality potting mix. It’s as if potting mix is merely an afterthought, and not the life force that will allow your new plant to … Continue reading

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Summer Days

The weather really turned on the heat last month. We saw record breaking temperatures, with two days hitting 46 degrees Celsius. Those who were not prepared would have seen potted plants shrivel up before their eyes. Even people who were … Continue reading

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Feels like summer.

Spring is a gardener’s dream. It’s exciting to feel the air get warmer and to see plants come back to life after winter. This year, however, it feels like we skipped spring altogether and pummeled straight into summer. The ground … Continue reading

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Why Do We Prune?

Horticulture has shown us the benefits of pruning our plants. By pruning properly, we can encourage flowers, remove diseased material, and to encourage new healthy growth. But those practical reasons aren’t our only motivations for pruning and tending to our plants. For many … Continue reading

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