Why Do We Prune?

Horticulture has shown us the benefits of pruning our plants. By pruning properly, we can encourage flowers, remove diseased material, and to encourage new healthy growth. But those practical reasons aren’t our only motivations for pruning and tending to our plants. For many of us, pruning is as beneficial for us as it is for the plants. There is something relaxing and peaceful about concentrating on sculpting, while feeling the action of a freshly sharpened pair of sheers in your hand.

The nature of topiary lends to a near endless variety of textures, shapes, and colours that will please your aesthetic preferences, whether you like to create soft or sharp edges while pruning. When we set out to sculpt a plant, there is an obtainable goal in sight. We know that with care, concentration, and skill, we can transform our plants into the visually stunning pieces we want them to be. This work of taming an unruly and overgrown plant is so satisfying; a breath of fresh air in a world that often feels out of our control.

This process of pruning, which can relax and rejuvenate us, also gifts us a stunning plant that can help to create a more peaceful and comfortable (yet flexible) environment. It’s no wonder that we are so eager to fertilize and see our plants burst into new growth, so we can begin the process again.

Why Do We Prune?

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