The Importance of a High Quality Potting Mix

High quality potting mix

High quality potting mix

It’s not uncommon to see people spending hundreds of dollars on topiary, only to skimp on quality potting mix. It’s as if potting mix is merely an afterthought, and not the life force that will allow your new plant to grow and thrive.

So much work is done in the nursery to produce a lovely product that may be many years old, but all of this work and care can be undone within 3 years with a dodgy potting mix. I urge you to treat your new topiary with care by choosing a premium potting mix in lieu of cheap potting mix from your local supermarket.

Don’t get me wrong, the premium mix will be more expensive– possibly five times more expensive at $8-12 per bag. This price can add up quick if you need a few bags. But, I assure you, it will be worth it when your topiary remains healthy and lush year after year. Paying $30 for a few bags of high quality potting mix now will give you many years of pleasure.


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